At Eagles Consultants we are sure that Emotional Intelligence is the greatest differentiator between being a good manager or leader and being a great one. Additionally, Emotional Intelligence is essential for all the relationships we have – whether with colleagues, friends, family or partners.

Course Overview

  • Learn what emotionally intelligent leadership looks like
  • Uncover the 5 key purposes of emotions
  • Explore the key aspects of Emotional Intelligence (EI /EQ)
  • Learn 3 significant stress reduction (resilience) techniques mastering emotions
  • Learn to read the key emotions in people and what they mean
  • Learn a powerful 10 step process for greater emotional self-awareness
  • Learn how emotions help you connect, persuade and manage people
  • Understand the importance of managing beliefs
  • Reveal how strong Emotional Intelligence is strong leadership
  • Learn the power of balancing empathy & assertion


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the four pillars of Emotional Intelligence
  • Identify the key Emotional Intelligence skills
  • Be aware of the history of Emotional Intelligence and the basic physiology of the brain
  • Learn your own triggers - what makes you react more emotionally
  • Learn your positive triggers too – what motivates you
  • Understand how your emotions alter under stress
  • Develop your rapport with individuals
  • Read non-verbal language more effectively
  • Be more cognisant of others’ motivations and styles and learn to appreciate difference
  • Manage and work with people more effectively by understanding and respecting their emotions
  • Be more adaptable to how others think and what different perspectives they have
  • Use a conversation model to promote more emotionally effective conversations
  • Learn basic coaching skills to better understand people and their goals and needs
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