It is important for all businesses to have effective leaders that can set goals, inspire others and guide an organization to success. Leadership means different things to different people around the world, and different things in different situations.

Eagles consultants & Trainers have extensive experience in Leadership development training. They will take you through different leadership styles and the impact these styles can have on a workforce. You will develop an understanding of the characteristics of good leaders and be able to assess your own leadership skill in the context of work.

Course Objectives

    • Explain the difference between leading and managing.
    • Identify leadership behaviors that will strengthen themselves and their teams.
    • Translate academic theory into practical actions.
    • Clarify and communicate their values and beliefs.
  •         Gain an understanding of the impact of different leadership styles on individuals, teams and the organization as a whole
  •         Identify how to adapt their style of leadership to each team member and the context of the situation
  •         Review their own current style of leadership and consider potential areas for future leadership development

  • Course Content
      • Leading a high performance team
      • Defining the role of a leader
      • Leadership styles
      • Leadership impact & Succession Planning
      • Role of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership
      • Leadership behaviors in action
      • Personal Leadership
      • Review and next steps
Hotel Type
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