Eagles Consultants Corporate Governance Training deals with the complex set of relationships between the corporation and its board of directors, management, shareholders, and other stakeholders. In the recent years, the regulators and legislators have intensified their focus on how businesses are being run and the emerging conflicts. At eagles we endeavor to create a template for new corporate governance and disclosure measures, which is beneficial for both the stakeholders and the management.

Course Overview

  • Various models and mechanisms of corporate governance
  • Shareholder/stakeholder rights and responsibilities
  • Issues pertaining to the board of directors and management
  • An the audit committees
  • What is Corporate Governance
  • Definitions and Importance of Corporate Governance
  • Reputation, Competition and Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Ethics
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility
  • Globalization and Corporate Governance
  • Analyze the corporate scandals along with corporate best practices
  • Legislation on corporate governance and responsibility

Learning Outcomes

  • Adopt the appropriate mechanism for effective governance
  • Value the shareholder and stakeholder rights and responsibilities
  • Adhere to sound principles of direction and management
  • Understand the significance of audit committee, its composition and responsibilities
  • Implement best practices on corporate management
The current state and direction of best practices in corporate governance
 Implementing and embedding best practices within your organisation /institution
How to structure board committees, institutional policies and procedures to conform to international requirements and expectations
 How to communicate governance procedures to outside stakeholders including shareholders, governments and communities
 Implementing governance directives within the management of the institution Analysing the governance of other institutions
Hotel Type
Own Premises/Offices or Hotel of Choice Executive Hotel