Eagles Consultants effective Communication Skills Training Course is the best in Kenya. Understanding communication barriers. Like most things in life, communication is far more complicated than it seems. Verbal and non-verbal communication. Much of a message is not in in the words used. Listening and questioning

Course Overview

  • Influence or Persuade?
  • Identifying and Adjusting your Communication Style
  • Five Communication Styles
  • The 6 Cs of Communication
  • The Four-Step Cycle of Communication
  • The Dynamics of Communication
  • Communication is a Two-Way Street
  • First Impressions
  • Appearance
  • On the Front Foot: Being Positive
  • Using the Right Words
  • The Three Components of Communication
  • Body Language and Non-Verbal Messages 

Learning Outcomes

      • Identify barriers to communication and ways to overcome them
      • Develop your non-verbal and Non-verbal communication skills
      • Gain Skills to use the best method to speak on the spot
      • Listen actively and effectively and ask good questions
      • Use appreciative inquiry as a communication tool
      • Capably speak and network with others
      • Establish common ground with others
      • Use ā€œIā€ message
      • Describe the features of emotional intelligence
Hotel Type
Own Premises/Offices or Hotel of Choice Executive Hotel