This course will provide leaders and managers with clear insights on how to effectively motivate people. It will equip them with some effective skills and knowledge for managing and communicating change.


Our experienced trainers will take you through a highly practical one-day change management training course, which will be tailored to your needs to discuss the need for change, available change strategies and many more.

  • Course Overview

    • The case for managing change
    • Our experience of change /change management principles
    • Emotional response to change
    • Compelling reasons for change
    • Clear vision and objectives for change
    • Building momentum and managing resistance to change
    • Applying and learning the next step
  • At this programs conclusion, participants should be able to

    • Describe ways of reacting to change
    • Understand that adapting to change is not technical but attitudinal
    • See change as an opportunity for self-motivation and innovation
    • Identify strategies for helping change to be accepted and implemented in the workplace.
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